SexSimulator – 100% 3D FREE BROWSER SEX GAME

SexSimulator is now available! This free to play porn simulation game lets you fuck custom characters in a suite of erotic scenarios.

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Amazing Character Designs

We know out players like all kinds of women, that’s why we added over 40 characters in this game. Besides human females, we also included anthro characters, alien chicks and mythical creatures with whom you can fulfill even the naughtiest fantasies.

An Open World Sex Game

Wonder through the open world of SexSimulator and discover all the exotic locations where you can fuck all the characters of the game. Each unique location comes with a different plot line that will please all kinds of sexual desires and give you a sense of diversity.

The Ultimate Sex Game Engine

Because we know how important customization and liberty are in a porn game, our developers put in the work and time to create the ultimate sex game engine. This new platform offers you full control over the environment and over the characters, so that you can live any fantasy you want in the SexSimulator world.


Unlike most of the other adult games on the web, SexSimulator is completely free. Enjoy the browser-based gaming experience without any payment. If you like the game, we always appreciate donations as tokens for our marvelous developers.


SexSimulator – The Ultimate Free Porn Simulator

If you’re one of the millions of men who play free adult games online every day, you might know that all the good games will always interrupt after five minutes telling you that the trial is over and that you need to pay if you want to enjoy the rest of the game. Well, that will never happen with SexSimulator. Ever since we started writing the first line of code, our mission was to create the ultimate free porn game the internet has seen. We placed the decision of paying for this game in the hands of the players. If you like the game, you’re free to donate to our team of developers. But you can create a free account and start playing the game for free in less than a minute.

At the same time, we’ve implemented a system of microtransactions which will help us fund the project even further. The microtransaction purchases can get you special skins and customizations, voiceover packs and characters depicting hot celebrities and famous porn stars. We even feature patches for furry and sexy OverWatch characters. Although these features will make the game more interesting for you, they aren’t a condition for you to advance through the game.

Play SexSimulator On Any Device

Our team of developers can create porn games for PC and Mobile alike. You can enjoy the wonderful gameplay of SexSimulator on your desktop or laptop, but also on your phone and tablet. As long as your device can run Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome, you can play our game on it. Our team is still working on optimizing the game for any browser and any device you might use. No matter if your device runs on Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android, you will be able to run the game on it.

Enhanced Character Customization

The best porn games of the web will always offer you character customization. But most of the XXX games out there are limiting their customization options to the size of the boobs and asses of the characters. We believe that the online sex games should have enhanced character customization, so that you can recreate all of your fantasies in the virtual world.

With the many customization options in SexSimulator you can alter any man, woman or tranny character to look exactly as your crush or any real woman you know, no matter if she’s a teen or MILF. That’s why so many fans of the family sex simulator genre are enjoying our title. At the same time, you can get our skins and special 3D characters which are modeled after some of the most popular celebrities and porn stars. No matter what your fantasy is, you can fulfill it in this game, from sensual sex in GF emulator experiences to violent BDSM and all kinds of other kinks, including foot fetish, roleplay and much more. You can even have a threesome with Daenerys Targaryen and Abella Danger in the lustful universe of SexSimulator.

Join An Active Adult Community

Many online sex games are advertising themselves as multiplayer platforms, when in fact they simulate an online community or they have one or two players online at any given time. At SexSimulator we know how important a gaming community is for both creating a better gaming experience for the player and finding out what the players would like to see improved in the game. That’s why we created several community features that can be used by our players to connect with each other and with the team of developers behind the game.

The best ways of getting in contact with both the developers and the community is by joining our Discord server and our forum. You can discuss all kinds of aspects of the game there. You can connect with other players and you can also take part in the process of improving the game. We’re still working on enhancing SexSimulator and your feedback is always welcomed. This is what differentiates us from other dree adult porn games out there.

A True Multiplayer Experience

We’ve also started working on a beta version for a true online multiplayer gaming experience. Although our game was initially designed to offer a single player experience, thanks to our online community we realized that we can include some multiplayer features in some parts of the game. We’re still working on developing our multiplayer experience, but even if we’re still in beta, you can enjoy interactions with somewhere between 150 and 250 online players at any given time. There will be new multiplayer features popping up in the game every month. At the same time, we still work on improving and developing the single player mode.

We Keep On Improving

Our mission is to become one of the best free sex games ever created. Thanks to all the feedback from our players, we know that we’re on the right path. But we also know that we shouldn’t stop improving. In the case of many other games that had promising futures, everything collapsed because the owners of the game stopped the collaboration with the developing team. We’re in a close relationship with our developing team and we work on fixing bugs and adding patches to the game every single week. We update the game every two weeks. We also plan on expanding our brand. SexSimulator will be getting at least two expansions in the following year. We will create an entire adult universe where you can experiment with all your fantasies.

All these features make our game one of the most wanted title of the moment. In this porn game no credit card is required for a payment. You will need to prove your age before you will get to play the game. But that takes less than a minute. Basically, you can play this game right away, with no strings attached. Are you ready for the ultimate online gameplay experience with SexSimulator?