SexSimulator is the ultimate online sex experience in a free browser game. Customize characters after your own liking and fantasies, navigate the open world of lustful experiences and enjoy interactive sex gameplay which will satisfy even the most pretentious adult gamers.

SexSimulator is a free browser game that can be played without any payment. However, we always welcome donations for our team of hard-working game developers.

In many countries, SexSimulator is required by law to verify access to our game is only offered to those over the age of 18. Consequently, we use cards as a means to ensure that this is being adhered to. In some countries, an ID scan feature is offered instead.

Yes, the other players you will meet in SexSimulator are real people from all around the world. We’ve formed an active community on our platform which is always welcoming new members.

SexSimulator is compatible with all mobile devices running on either iOS or Android. As long as you can access the game through a browser like Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome, you will be able to play the game on any device.

We currently run a beta version for the game through a developer client so that any amateur adult game developers could create their own version of SexSimulator. Your custom version of the game can be uploaded on our forum.

You only need internet connection to load up the game in your browser. Once that is done, you can go offline and still enjoy the game. All your progress will be saved in your browser, so if you want to load up your gameplay data, make sure to use the same browser next time you connect to the internet.

SexSimulator is as safe as accessing Facebook or YouTube. Since everything takes place directly into your browser and since the platform is using HTTPS, you will be protected by an end-to-end encrypted connection.

Although we offer a gaming client for both Mac and Windows, you can play the game directly in your browser with no downloads required.